Johan van Rooy


DJ Actor Singer

For the last 29 years Johan van Rooy has been working as a singer, actor, DJ, presenter, comedian and model.


His career expands from performing in soaps, musicals, Eurovision songcontests, videoclips, fashionshows, dinnershows, gameshows, commercials, theatreshows and record label contracted bands.


At the moment Johan a.k.a. Djovaroh can be booked as a house DJ. For his podcast you can visit:


In 2019 Johan performed in his very first soloshow Life - The Comedy Concert with stand-up comedy and jazz. Jokes combined with elegant en dynamic songs from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Buble, and many others are performed in a gentle and sparkling way. The one hour show is perfect for weddings, fashionshows and dinner-events. A combination of jazz songs, stand-up and a DJ set is also possible.


Please get in contact if you prefer a custom made pricelist.